Aisha Abdul Rahman, The Seekers Journey | The Seekers Journey With Aisha Abdul Rahman
Empowerment, Healing and Transformation for the spirit that is woman! The Seekers Journey guides and supports you in your journey through the 28 Sufi Stations or maqamat.
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Peace & Blessings Beloved

I am your sister Aisha Abdul Rahman.

I am a Metaphysical and Transpersonal

Counselor with a background in Islamic

Psychology and Sufi Healing.

I facilitate spiritual development courses,

workshops and seminars with the help of

Allah(swt) for the empowerment, healing

and transformation of the spirit that is woman!

Seekers News Updates

Have you ever thought about where you are in your spiritual journey, and where it is you are headed, the meaning and purpose of it all? No, I don’t mean heaven or hell, I mean where you are in relation to Allah(swt) not physically, but spiritually. What place do you have in his heart, and he yours.

Our relationship with  Allah and the seeker is that of the lover and beloved. One that is ever close and woven in unity, like a reflection of a mirror.

The Seekers Journey facilitates your journey to becoming that reflection and cultivating such a relationship. The Seekers Journey program opens your consciousness to a new reality of seeing yourself, your relationship to Allah as well as the world around you.

Take the Seekers Quiz to access your Free Journey Guide Book and discover where you are in your journey as well as the steps to get to where you want to be.

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