A'isha Abdul Rahman, Metaphysician, Holistic Transpersonal Psychotherapist | The Seekers Journey with Aisha Abdul Rahman, M.Msc., Metaphysician & Holistic, Transpersonal Psychotherapist
Empowerment, Healing and Transformation for the spiritual development of Muslim women. Sister Aisha Abdul Rahman guides and supports you in your journey of Islamic Spiritual Development.
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I work with women who are struggling to find 

meaning, purpose, true inner peace, happiness

and divine love, just as I once did.

I am a heart-centered, holistic and creative

spiritual teacher on a mission, with the help

and guidance of God to heal the hearts of

my beloved sisters and to inspire, support

and facilitate their spiritual development.



The Seekers Journey is a story of self exploration and discovery, that turns into a mystical journey of divine love. As the ego seeks to know itself, the heart seeks to know the spirit within.

As a spiritual seeker myself, I have begun to feel this pull, erging me to share my journey with others on this path. It can be a lonely road, and you may find obstacles in your path, but I hope to shine the light of truth, so that you too may find your way.

Where are you in your journey of seeking truth, meaning and purpose in this  life? Take the Seekers Quiz and find out just how far you have come and what you can do to continue to move forward.


Take The Seekers Quiz

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